Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yes, Lego Baseplates Make Great Walls

This idea came from one of my favorite blogs, Call of the Small. She mentioned having seen Lego baseplates as walls for a child's room. Well, what's good for a child is good for my "small" folks, too.

Uhura went for the baseplate idea right away. She used the baseplates to form the walls of her side of the office she and Colossus now share. She dug the way shelves and groovy flowers just stick right on the wall. As you can see, Colossus has a thing for Legos, as well. And sharing an office...well, that's real togetherness.

There Uhura goes reaching for the dictionary, one of her favorite reference books. As you see, her atlas is close by, too.

Too tired to reference all the items. The totem pole thingy to the far left of Colossus' desk was something my son found in a box of Lego creations he had made some time ago. Colossus had to have it in his office.

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