Saturday, June 11, 2011


Colossus, Uhura, Dr. Martha, Dr. Who, and their new friend, Rosie, all went to a funky art happening. They are all trying to figure out what this thing is. Lovely...but what is it?

Well, you can't take Colossus anywhere. He just took the top off the thing and started waving it around. "It's a sceptre and I'm a king!"

Uhura had the idea that if they all touch it at once maybe they could reach Enlightenment. Worth a try.

Of course, Uhura got to touch the tippy top 'cause she's the tallest. (Comes in handy sometimes.)

Thanks to my husband for this idea. It's actually a glass perfume bottle. Rosie is Rose Tyler from the BBC series, Dr. Who. The Dr. Who figures make great dolls for scenes because, unlike Colossus, they look fairly normal. Of course, that's why I like Colossus...he's just NOT normal.

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