Saturday, June 4, 2011

More History; Getting Ready for Uhura's arrival

Colossus was very busy for awhile fixing up his house for Uhura's arrival. He got a huge stone from his yard for the bathroom sink and made all the fixtures himself. He even plunged the toilet...not a favorite job. He remodeled the kitchen and cooked in anticipation of her arrival. You will see pics of the office he created for her later. He may not look it, but beneath that gruff exterior, he is one thoughtful guy.

He even tried out the bathtub to make sure it would be comfortable. Minkey and Scotty are very curious about what is making Colossus so energetic.

Bathroom fixtures are a rock from my yard and Lego. Bathmat is glass square from Scrap Box. Dog is ??Playmobil. All floors are placemats. All wallpaper is scrapbooking paper. Picture is a mini Matisse cut from a magazine.
Kitchen shelves are vintage Bodo Henning. Stove and sink are Lego. Accessories are Scrap Box finds, Iwako erasers, vintage pots and pans from my sibling's childhood.

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