Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bi-Level Bathroom or See Where An Accidental Boob Graze Gets You

Beautiful new bi-level bathroom is all tidy and ready for the family.

Even matches and a plunger...just in case.

Time for baby's bath.

Here's the accidental boob graze.'s what it leads to.

Just a comment on the fact that this bi-racial couple has a very blonde baby. I believe in love most of all and whatever love creates whether it is by birth or by other means is wonderful. In this blog we don't discriminate in any way, not based on color or ethnicity or country of origin..none of that (in fact we even have consorting between humans and mutants; see prior blogs).  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just Playin' 'Round With Samples

I've got all these samples and I'm going to use them all. I started awhile back using them in the drinking alone series, then in the seasons series and now I'm just going to do the rest higglety pigglety one after another. It's kind of a nice challenge and fun from a color/decor standpoint.

I liked these because they have a sort of greenish tinge...I'm usually not a green person. The greenishness didn't really show in the photos...ah well.

I wanted something in the teapot that was brownish and used Coke. Funny, you can see the bubbles.  Again...ah well.

All in all, I wouldn't mind spending some time sipping tea in this room.

Have not done credits in some time. Here are some of them:  Room is Lekman house from Ikea, couch is Bozart Kaleidoscope furniture, coffee table is a glass sample on top of a napkin ring, lamp is a plastic Chess piece with a toothpaste tube lid for a shade (I saved a bunch of lids and will be featuring the lamps a lot), rug is a Shade Store sample, wallcovering is another sample, side table is a metal thing sent to me by Neomi with a Petosky Stone (state stone of Michigan) for a top, book is by Oese, tray is vintage German from my childhood, coral is mine, the shells and teapot and cups are from a mini friend named Monika.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Birthday to Jazzi!!

A Happy 50th Birthday

Jazzi, a fellow blogger (and a very creative soul)
is being so sweet to share her happiness with a nice giveaway.
Check it out and send her some good wishes, too.

click on the link below