Monday, May 30, 2011

Breakfast with Uhura and Colossus

I'll tell the back story of my little family soon, but here they are having breakfast. Colossus is having his favorite (4 doughnuts) and Uhura is having eggs.  The little pup is new...looks like he's going to be a lap dog. They are enjoying their new dining set. Wallpaper chosen by their decorator, Will.

Food, plates, telephone, coffee pot, vintage German upholstered chair and  china cabinet are from my childhood. Apple is an Iwako eraser. Dog and treat bag are a gift from my friend at the laundry and are AG Minis. "Thanks, Connie!" The books, metal picture frame, wall decor, flowers and vase are craft store finds. Coffee cups from ebay and Lego. Colossus is an action figure "borrowed" from my son's collection as is the little boat on the cabinet. CDs in cupboard and planner are re-ment. Dining set is Hello Dolly miniature. Cellphone on cabinet is the Uhura action figure's from StarTrek. Mirror is local consignment shop find. Floor is placemat and wallpaper is scrapbooking paper. 


My childhood dollhouse furniture, now 56 years old, was used by me and my two siblings.  I have to say we did a good job taking care of it.  The beautiful cabinet still has glass in it and the finish is still intact.  However, the chairs had no legs and I have only the base of the pieces. So I did some "basteln", German for crafting, whittled legs, stained them and glued them into place.  Not the best job ever, but serviceable.