Sunday, October 13, 2013

MJ's last day in Ann Arbor

On her last day in Ann Arbor MJ visits the Ikea in a nearby town. They have a great nursery display with the coolest wall and floor graphics. She loves the light fixture, too.

Notice that she has on the new clothes she got at Kiwanis that Saturday.

Then it's off to the train station in Ann Arbor to catch the train to????????????????????
Her next destination is a secret...stay tuned.

On the way she spies some cute guys in a shop window. YUM!

Wouldn't Construction Jack be fun to take with her
on her next adventure?

She's all packed up and ready to go. I see she has
a bag with presents for all her hostesses.
Bye MJ.  Safe travels.

The cute room and lamp are really Ikea purchases of mine. The "room" is a Brada Laptop support.

BRÄDA Laptop support IKEA
The lamp is called Strala and is a decoration with an LED bulb inside.

STRÅLA Battery-operated, half globe IKEA The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween Party.....X rated

Colossus and Nyota invited MJ to their Halloween Party. Everyone came dressed up...well Colossus is ALWAYS in costume. Most people dressed as their favorite superhero. MJ found a black cape and a witch's hat.

Cute hosts.

MJ is lookin' good.

There is Daredevil.


I hope this is a decoration.

You can see the back of Cyclops. Looks like MJ has their full attention.

There are treats...and weapons.

More treats in the dining room.

Nightcrawler has found the drinks.

They worked hard decorating.


Someone dressed as green army man says, "Don't go upstairs."

That's because there is hanky panky going on up there.
And it's where all the purses and coats they are on the floor.

When you fool around, you have to watch out when your paramour is
a nun with a sword.That's spider man and a woman dressed as a nun.

And what about that ghost?

Even the bathroom is decorated.

There's some creep in the bathroom thinking he's funny, a hand
coming up the side of the sink...eewww, and a spider in the chair.
I'm glad they have a first aid kit in case anything goes schief
(the German word we always used in our family to say
when something too fun is going to go badly).

Then there is the ATTIC!!!

Baby furniture and a chest with something creepy in it.

Lederhosen...always scary.

Even Pierrot is scary.

Gambit found the only place in the house to be The Thinker.

And now they turn on the blacklight.

Now this could keep someone from answering nature's call!


Nightcrawler looks like he's reaching for toxic sludge.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Football Saturday in Ann Arbor

Yes, it is Homecoming at the University of Michigan, but MJ would rather do the Kiwanis Thrift Shop, coffee and a walk around town than attend the game.

The Place to Be on Saturday Morning in Ann Arbor


 MJ checks her size. Look at all the cool boots and do you think any of them are the same color!!

Nope, too big.

These would have been perfect for the party!

She finds clothes, though and some potatoes, a Red Cross bag, a pink purse and a bottle of something lurid green.

And you must check out the book selection. It's usually hard to get by all the people perusing them.

Then it's off to meet a friend of Billie's for coffee.

A big man about town in Ann Arbor welcomes them to come share his table.

Turns out to be that Craig guy.

And the Hunky Dory person.

There is a fairy door at the coffeehouse.

And a fairy window.

 On the way to the library to see their fairy door, they spy these great quotes laid into the walkway.
MJ likes the quote, but she likes to travel, too.
Is there a hostess in Paris?

MJ is racking her brain to figure out which it would be.

And go she will.

Ann Arbor is a city of readers. One often sees people
reading as they walk.

The library's fairy door in the children's dept.

And the fairy building.

Yoga at a museum about early Ann Arbor.

She's heard Chuck's smoke shop is a great place to hang out
and chat as the owner is so cool and welcoming.

Chuck is always glad to meet new people.

That nice big guy buys her a polish sausage and takes her
 to the block at Angel Hall, a favorite place to eat and watch
the passing it's all the people going to the game.

It is a BIG polish sausage.

A sea of Maize and Blue...everyone wears the colors.