Saturday, March 28, 2015

At least they are "compatible"

Can't help myself; must test Lego minifig to see how they work with the UK Character Building Set micro-figure.'s our lothario makin' it with Amy Pond.  At least they are "compatible" as advertised in the micro-figure literature.

Things are getting hot.

Ok...hotter. Tickle your ass with a feather? Even the flowers are upended.

Amy may not be having any of it...she found his sword. What's a Lego guy to do except give a weak uh-gee smile?

I hope this is not construed as too naughty....had to do it. This is the insert in the Character Building set my son and I got at this cool store called The Rocket. I kinda like them. We made a Tardis from Legos after we bought them. Oh, I never posted our Tardis, did I? Well, here it is also.

My son working on it.

Finished product.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lego Prefab House Mimic

I have been reading the book Prefab Houses published by Taschen. Don't see myself getting one any time soon so, once again, I go to our Lego collection.  Here is my inspiration. The houses are designed by Jean Prouve and are called Maison Standard Metropole. This is from a colony in Meudon, France in 1949. 

Another example. is my version. My son made the car.


Living room with TV. Big windows and a 
nice view so one can birdwatch.


Watch out, Lothario coming into bedroom. This is our new musketeer minifig.

Luckily, he left his sword in the kitchen.

Chest of drawers and lamp.



Sink detail with mirror.

Toilet detail with TP.

Tub detail.

Our other new minifig the wizard is knocking at the door.

Legos are my way to totally relax. You can't be thinking about too many problems in your life if you are desperately trying to find a way to make Legos look like stone walls or bathroom fixtures. And where is that perfect piece? Don't have one? Root around in the buckets until you find a reasonable facsimile.