Saturday, March 28, 2015

At least they are "compatible"

Can't help myself; must test Lego minifig to see how they work with the UK Character Building Set micro-figure.'s our lothario makin' it with Amy Pond.  At least they are "compatible" as advertised in the micro-figure literature.

Things are getting hot.

Ok...hotter. Tickle your ass with a feather? Even the flowers are upended.

Amy may not be having any of it...she found his sword. What's a Lego guy to do except give a weak uh-gee smile?

I hope this is not construed as too naughty....had to do it. This is the insert in the Character Building set my son and I got at this cool store called The Rocket. I kinda like them. We made a Tardis from Legos after we bought them. Oh, I never posted our Tardis, did I? Well, here it is also.

My son working on it.

Finished product.

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