Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beginner Yoga

The friends wanted to try out yoga. One does the best one can considering the limitations of his body and the friends certainly had some challenges. They also may have to invest in some more appropriate clothes, but you have to start somewhere.

Mountain Pose

Corpse Pose



Yoga studio is the Ikea Lekman box. Planters are Barbie, plastic bottle top, and makeup jar. Moss is from the dollar store. Fern is from Michael's in a pot from a second hand store. Picture is cut from a Hindu publication. Cabinet is Concord. Purple Buddha is a gift from my family and the small metal one is from the new Tibetan store in town. The OM is from The Scrapbox. Action figures of varying abilities are, Doctor Who, Nyota Uhura and Sulu from Star Trek, Stephen Hart from Primeval and Colossus from the X-Men.  By the way, the font is Trebuchet about which I have been reading in my new book about fonts, Just My Type by Simon Garfield. And, yes, I am a nerd.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Data Girl

Well, Rosie has gone into business for herself. She didn't have a lot of startup money so she had to scrounge around for used furniture like the funky chairs and too-small desk, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. It may be bare bones, but it's hers.

Her first client is her friend, Stephen, who needed a database of prehistoric beasts he and his colleagues have encountered.

She is eating at her desk trying to get all that new work done by deadline. Terrible meal choice, though. Coke and pickles and a kid's packet of cheese. Not brain food for sure.

Now she's raiding her chocolate stash from the cabinet where she also keeps her spices and hot sauce for perking up takeout or meals she brings from home.  Not only is she Data Girl, it looks as if she is danger girl as well.

Shelves are Bodo Hennig. Desk is Plan Toys. Chairs are Hello Dolly. Plastic drawers are re-ment. Food is re-ment and vintage. Lamp is AG Minis. Other accessories are Barbie, re-ment, ebay finds, and an eraser (the garbage can). I made the business poster and the Matisse print is just a copy I printed out. Rosie and Stephen are from the BBC shows Doctor Who and Primeval respectively. The scene is in a wooden wine box I got from one of my favorite local cool food purveyor. I'm thinking of taking it to work with me. Data is one of the things I work with a lot so I feel like a Data Girl, too.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dressing Room

Dressing room structure and ottoman are from the Barbie Mall. Dressing table and chair are AG Minis. Accessories are Barbie, re-ment, local consignment store finds. Wallpaper is handmade paper found at a local shop supporting the schools. Floor is scrapbook paper. Purple glass thing in next room is a perfume bottle.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Peaceful Reading Nook

Nick Cutter has a wonderful new reading nook. It's sunny in the daytime and light pours in during the early evening. Nice place for a book and a little coffee. Serenity.

Chair is Reac. Side table is re-ment. Shelf is Bodo Hennig. Flooring is a banana leaf which was under my wonderful meal at Frita Batidos. Accessories are Barbie, AG Minis, craft store finds, shells, ebay finds, and things I got at The Scrap Box.  Buddha is gift from my family. Dr. Nick Cutter is from the BBC series "Primeval."