Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Screamed for Ice Cream And Then I Forgot Where It Was

You just cannot leave ice cream sitting around...but, there it is, all pink and delicious. But, who would just leave it there? And where are they?

And who keeps moving the shade up, down, and all around?

Been awhile...what is that ice cream made of anyway?

Neomi of Neo-Mini sent me a lot of wonderful minis. Thanks Neomi! See how I used that metal thing for a table support? The items are: that metal thing, a beautiful golden Hebrew book (the photos don't do it justice), miniscule beautiful shells, Buddha hand, shoe, ice cream cones, beaded balls, and the cactus in the window.
Petra of Raum für Raum sent me the accordion pleated fabric. Thanks Petra! I made a Lego window to frame it so it can slide up and down in a little channel. I love was the inspiration for the color scheme. Notice the little lever which makes it go up and down...well, not really, this is a dollhouse after all.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lazy and Angry Make Life Difficult

Poor Snow White.
She tries some food and coffee
to try to get Lazy out of bed.
Angry thinks Lazy isn't crazy.
And Dumbo...why work anyway?
Cheesy thinks cheese might be just the thing.

See my last post for info on all the little ones.

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (Schneewittchen und Die Sieben Zwerge)

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go!
Snow White Leads the Seven Dwarfs,
and Angry
off to work. 
Buzzy is all excited and everyone is following along.
Lazy is trying to get Dumbo off his duff.
And Angry is just not having it.

Stay in touch with Snow White and her new friends...
there's more to come.

Many thanks to Neomi, of the blog "Neo-Mini," for these little dwarfs. They are just adorable and I had a grand time trying to figure out who they all were and trying to figure out how they could all fit into a scene. The dwarfs are all little figures from different children's shows or toy collectibles.  Don't worry Neomi, as the other wonderful treasures you sent will soon come to good use as well.
From left to right the dwarfs are played by: Fräulein Kassandra, Schildknappe Annabella, Schildknappe Hubertus, Alexander, Nobita Nobi (who is known for his sloth), Dumbo, and Tan Chia.
Snow White is Rose Tyler from the BBC show Doctor Who.
The lantern is from my sister's family donations to Dory's toy stash.