Monday, July 30, 2012

Kitchen - Before and After Fun With White Enamel Paint



A little more sophisticated. Dig those washers posing as burners on the stove. Finally figured out how to put shelving in my very old refrigerator from my childhood...LEGOS...the answer to everything. I don't know exactly when I got that, but it was a least as early as 1959. Took a dang long time getting the Legos to fit in there properly so the little re-ment bins fit, too. NO painting on that, though, as I am sentimental about it.
The chairs and most of the dishes on the table are my new Bozart/Kaleidoscope House buys.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Celadon Bath

I bought the Bozart/Kaleidoscope bathroom at and I quite like the celadon color.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Keuken Veldt

First the Swedes bring us Ikea, now the Dutch bring us Keuken Veldt. It's a busy opening day. The manager is a little over-zealous as he shows off his new store and makes sure everyone is being helped to find "something special."

Well, the whole idea behind using the word "veldt" was that I had found a funny rhino guy from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in my son's things when we moved him back from college.  I had created this scene a little at a time over a few weeks (I've been so busy at work that I did not have time to do anything but piddle around with it) but it needed a spark. The rhino guy was my inspiration. Rhinos are on the African Veldt..hence the use of veldt, which is a Dutch word; get it? And veldt sounds like the German word Welt, as in Kitchen World...further wordplay.  To complete the joke, the rhino guy was going to be one of the shoppers. you think we could find that guy in all the boxes we brought back? Nope. There went the joke. Heck, I just decided to go with it anyway.
Some of the things on display are Barbie things I got in that huge haul I posted about recently. I painted some a more appropriate frying pans are not my thing.
The guy from the Matrix plays the store manager and Cyclops is visiting Colossus. Both guys are my son's.