Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Well, I may be crazy. I found this dollhouse at the Salvation Army Thrift Store yesterday for 25.99!!!
I could not pass it up. But, as I brought it in the door, it got bigger and bigger and bigger. It looked kinda small in the store. So my dear, wonderful, absolutely stupendous husband who probably thought I was nuts moves his stuff off the top of the storage drawers I have miniature stuff in and puts my dollhouse on it. And then he puts my action figures on the porch, takes photos, and sends them to me at work in an email with a sweet message. Lots of crap at work so it came at just the right time. Gotta love a guy who is ok with a HUGE dang dollhouse in a tiny study already crammed with my dollhouse junk.

The dollhouse is a Cherrydale made by Walmer Dollhouses. Real Good Toys has a Liliput Cherrydale version that is similar but fancier as far as I can tell. The simpler one sells for 159.00.  This was already mostly put together except for trims, stairs, porch railing.  And, some of that stuff is missing. It is supposed to be Victorian, but I am going to do a modern take on it. It will be a challenge as I am not really the expert on doing trim and stuff like that. A learning experience to be sure. It is 1:12 scale. It'll be slow going as I don't always have lots of time for minis, but it should be fun doing it.

Thanks, Craig. You are my prince.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Black Light Grooviness

My son brought his black light into the study and we shone it on all kinds of things.  I loved what it did to the pillows.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just When I Thought My Scene Was Safe

So here comes my sweet son to further accessorize my scene. Nice.

And I see the baby is now in the sink...alone! And what is a bunny doing there. My scenes..never safe again.

The thing in the toilet is a Lego rock monster and the bunny is a Safari miniature.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Geek Grotto

Einie and Colossus have a great hangout full of all things geeky...and a little bit messy.

They have shelves full of their favorite things.

Einie loves the online video game show Video Games Awesome which is billed as the most casual, least informative video game show on the internet. WARNING:  My son says the show gets a bit raunchy at times.

Their messiness benefits their little friend.

A beer bottle in the cactus?

They got this great poster at a bar they went to last night.

And, they've "enhanced" their almost life size model of Princess Leia into "Cthulleia."

Another sexy girl looks to be propping up the lamp or vice versa.

Snacks and knives...necessities.

And, of course, they must discuss the bad movie they've rented.

I was toying with making a red scene in honor of Valentine's Day, but I was having absolutely no inspiration. I started with the rug and the red CB2 chair, but I was stuck. My son Will started making some shelves and then took it from there. He created this hilarious scene using lots of little items from his collections. I think there are more collaborations in our future. Still waiting for my husband to help with one.