Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Little Aping Around

Sometimes you just can't control your ape. And how is he hanging from his head? C'mon down sweetie.

I could not resist a silly post with the gorilla that came with my new purse. Kipling has a gorilla hanging on each purse...goofy. I took it off but thought it would be funny in a scene.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Vielen Dank Monika!!

Meine Freundin Monika hat mir sehr schöne Sachen geschickt. Hier sind einige davon in eine Szene.
My friend Monika sent me wonderful things. Here are some of them in a scene.

Bringing some beautiful flowers home after a long day at work.
After a long winter some spring flowers will brighten things up a bit.

Ooh, it's late. Time to grab a good book and a little
drinky and take a load off.

Her favorite purple chair awaits.

She looks, something missing.

Lovely lights would add ambiance.

Perfection. Cheers!

My friend Monika has sent me so many neat things. The chair is from Raine and Willitts Take a Seat and is called the Slope Wingback Chair. I love's purple! She also sent the "pewter" krug and mugs, the little glass mugs, the fabulous midcentury clock, the wonderful purse, the tulips, and the lighting fixtures that really work.

Just look at this chair!