Monday, May 28, 2012

Drinkin' Alone

I like to, wine, mixed drinks (even coffee and tea)....but I rarely drink alone and not that much when I do. Well, last night my husband went to bed earlier than me...very unusual...and I was not tired as we had a good long nap. So I stayed up 'til 4AM watching an English TV show I remembered from the 70's, Poldark. My husband was not interested in it, so I watched a LOT of episodes and drank a LOT of wine. Makes me wonder what I would do if I were single. Anyway this post is an ode to drinking by yourself. And, I just finished painting the wineglass silver (with a recommendation for using Tamiya paint..from The Shopping Sherpa) there ya go.

Also the floor coverings are samples from the I picked up for a that senior the PTO Thrift Shop. There is even one Chilewich sample...I have been coveting those placemats of hers for mini floorcoverings for awhile now, but cannot afford them. The Chilewich is the one on the far left.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cigar Box Vignettes

My smoke shop friend, Chuck, has given me a bunch of little cigar boxes....I think he likes to challenge me. Here's what I came up with. I decided the unifying element would be papers in the back of each box with the same color values. The boxes are a bit small for my usual 1:12 scale so I used a lot of my son's old Playmobil garage items.

This one is for Monika. She likes to make scenes with her dish collection. Well, my dish collection is fairly small...but I's fun.

Dumbo looks a little forlorn.

The guy in this scene is from my friend Maria's kids. The funny little character is Alexander from Neomi.

Only a slice of bread for baby?

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Colossus and Nyota are waiting for baby. They made a little room for him in a tent as they wanted him to feel the wind in his hair, hear the birds sing, and enjoy the night noises. There's even a fake tree!


Mama is resting as she know she won't get much after he arrives. Notice that it is night and the clock says 12:01. Guess they are in a hurry or else trying to get ready for those long nights.

Friends have brought a trunkful of toys. Lots of new things to be put away.

They found the coolest's called Mr. Bendy Man Lamp. It has a little night light and a built-in clock so you can tell how long you've been up. There's a camera ready and a handy Handy (German for cellphone). A bottle is all ready, too.

Diaper table ready for duty.

Hard to believe the crib will have a little one in it soon. 

Oh, here go the credits again. Room is an Ikea stuffed animal carrier. Crib and chest were found at the weekly Kiwanis sale in Ann Arbor and painted...they had really dumb looking designs on them. The diaper table is from my friend, Monika, and is German. The cradle is from my sister's childhood..also painted. Toy chest is from Michaels; I added the leather straps and painted it, too. Chair is Reac. Stool not too visible is Playmobil. I made the pillows, diaper table pad, and crib mattress and covers. Lanterns, plant, Handy, and teddy bear in the crib are from Monika. Fire engine, purple ball, and tree belonged to the children of my friend, Maria. Camera, tissues and unguents on the diaper table are Barbie. Garbage can is an eraser. Uh oh, I think the baby bottle is from Neomi. Other toys are erasers, Fisher Price key chain (popper handle), and a dinosaur from my son's childhood.
The lamp is, I believe, some kind of Conran knob which Oese sent me. I put it on  an eraser (one of those that fit into a holder so that it looks like a pen) so it bends around in a goofy way. Then I stuck it in a Lego base. Makes a kind of cool little table.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Girls' Night In

Sometimes you just want some time with your, makeup, beignets straight from New Orleans, lots of wine, and a good Chinese movie.

Many kinds of so many sizes!

Gorgeous boots to try on and a yardstick to find out if you can.

Time to get your wine and get comfy.  These gals are not too proud to drink their wine from coffee cups. Maybe they can go shopping together some day for some wine glasses.

Have not done credits in a while as they sometimes make me tired....
This blog is in honor of three of my favorite beloved sissy who found the littlest wine bottle, beignets, and yardstick for me in New blogger friend, Oese of  Raum Für Raum ...and my fellow miniaturist friend Monika. They all contributed great stuff featured here.
Furniture is all vintage German..chairs and couch from my childhood (Oese liked these and so I used them in the post for her), table from Oese, credenza from Monika. Monika also gave me some of the wine bottles, the clear cups, and the TV. Wall graphic is scrapbook paper. Floor is a placemat. The VanGogh is in a mirror I got from Treasure Mart here in Ann Arbor as is the plate under the beignets. Matisse is just printed on paper. Almost hidden in the far left back corner is a leather purse from Oese. Fab snakeskin boots were a giveaway I won from Pepper of MitchyMooMiniatures. Vase is a bead, flowers and silver purse are from a craft store, makeup, mirror and other shoes are Barbie Mall items. Big flowery pillow is from my childhood; I made the others. My friend at work, Ling, translated the Chinese on the TV, but I can't remember if the one showing (there are two sides to the little insert) is the one in which the actress' name is Pearl and the movie is about a girl who is as beautiful as a flower or the one where the girl's name is Flower Fragrance and is about young working girls. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tables Are Wee

At Tables Are Wee there's a wonderful display where several table styles are set up.

 A clever little elevator (a marginally dangerous one) takes you up so you can see them all.

A shame it doesn't quite take you up to the very top one.

This makes my second use of the display case my friend, Chuck, gave me.

It came with this little drawer-like thing for the product and a slidey thing that keeps the product pushed to the front. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to do with it.  Aha...very dangerous elevator!

Happy Mother's Day und Frohe Muttertag

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Son's Graduation (a big, not mini, thing in my life)

I am so very proud of my son, Will, who graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design yesterday. 

His work at the Senior Exhibition

The whole family enjoying a celebratory lunch.

In Honor of Oese's New Job and/or Sitting Is The New Smoking

This post is the result of an idea I came up with to honor my friend, Oese of Raum für Raum, who has just started a new job. I had the idea that we could all make offices. Well, a lot has been going on in my life lately all culminating in my son graduating from college yesterday. So blogging had to be put on the back burner for a time.
Anyway, after I had this idea, I read that sitting all day is not good for your health. So, in this office, the smart businesswoman has elevated her desk to a height where she can now do her work standing up...healthy and productive.

It's a busy office.

People are researching and reviewing spreadsheets.

They take a few minutes to smell the flowers.

And, sometimes, offices can be dangerous places as well.