Saturday, May 19, 2012

Girls' Night In

Sometimes you just want some time with your, makeup, beignets straight from New Orleans, lots of wine, and a good Chinese movie.

Many kinds of so many sizes!

Gorgeous boots to try on and a yardstick to find out if you can.

Time to get your wine and get comfy.  These gals are not too proud to drink their wine from coffee cups. Maybe they can go shopping together some day for some wine glasses.

Have not done credits in a while as they sometimes make me tired....
This blog is in honor of three of my favorite beloved sissy who found the littlest wine bottle, beignets, and yardstick for me in New blogger friend, Oese of  Raum Für Raum ...and my fellow miniaturist friend Monika. They all contributed great stuff featured here.
Furniture is all vintage German..chairs and couch from my childhood (Oese liked these and so I used them in the post for her), table from Oese, credenza from Monika. Monika also gave me some of the wine bottles, the clear cups, and the TV. Wall graphic is scrapbook paper. Floor is a placemat. The VanGogh is in a mirror I got from Treasure Mart here in Ann Arbor as is the plate under the beignets. Matisse is just printed on paper. Almost hidden in the far left back corner is a leather purse from Oese. Fab snakeskin boots were a giveaway I won from Pepper of MitchyMooMiniatures. Vase is a bead, flowers and silver purse are from a craft store, makeup, mirror and other shoes are Barbie Mall items. Big flowery pillow is from my childhood; I made the others. My friend at work, Ling, translated the Chinese on the TV, but I can't remember if the one showing (there are two sides to the little insert) is the one in which the actress' name is Pearl and the movie is about a girl who is as beautiful as a flower or the one where the girl's name is Flower Fragrance and is about young working girls.