Sunday, May 20, 2012


Colossus and Nyota are waiting for baby. They made a little room for him in a tent as they wanted him to feel the wind in his hair, hear the birds sing, and enjoy the night noises. There's even a fake tree!


Mama is resting as she know she won't get much after he arrives. Notice that it is night and the clock says 12:01. Guess they are in a hurry or else trying to get ready for those long nights.

Friends have brought a trunkful of toys. Lots of new things to be put away.

They found the coolest's called Mr. Bendy Man Lamp. It has a little night light and a built-in clock so you can tell how long you've been up. There's a camera ready and a handy Handy (German for cellphone). A bottle is all ready, too.

Diaper table ready for duty.

Hard to believe the crib will have a little one in it soon. 

Oh, here go the credits again. Room is an Ikea stuffed animal carrier. Crib and chest were found at the weekly Kiwanis sale in Ann Arbor and painted...they had really dumb looking designs on them. The diaper table is from my friend, Monika, and is German. The cradle is from my sister's childhood..also painted. Toy chest is from Michaels; I added the leather straps and painted it, too. Chair is Reac. Stool not too visible is Playmobil. I made the pillows, diaper table pad, and crib mattress and covers. Lanterns, plant, Handy, and teddy bear in the crib are from Monika. Fire engine, purple ball, and tree belonged to the children of my friend, Maria. Camera, tissues and unguents on the diaper table are Barbie. Garbage can is an eraser. Uh oh, I think the baby bottle is from Neomi. Other toys are erasers, Fisher Price key chain (popper handle), and a dinosaur from my son's childhood.
The lamp is, I believe, some kind of Conran knob which Oese sent me. I put it on  an eraser (one of those that fit into a holder so that it looks like a pen) so it bends around in a goofy way. Then I stuck it in a Lego base. Makes a kind of cool little table.


  1. Hallo Doris,
    ich finde es so schön, dass Du immer Figuren verwendest. Es macht Spaß Deinen Blog anzusehen.
    Liebe Grüße von Monika

  2. Hi, I just came across your blog today. It's great! Minis and entertainment!

    1. Hi Minis-B,
      Thanks so much for the nice words. Glad I could provide some fun!