Monday, May 28, 2012

Drinkin' Alone

I like to, wine, mixed drinks (even coffee and tea)....but I rarely drink alone and not that much when I do. Well, last night my husband went to bed earlier than me...very unusual...and I was not tired as we had a good long nap. So I stayed up 'til 4AM watching an English TV show I remembered from the 70's, Poldark. My husband was not interested in it, so I watched a LOT of episodes and drank a LOT of wine. Makes me wonder what I would do if I were single. Anyway this post is an ode to drinking by yourself. And, I just finished painting the wineglass silver (with a recommendation for using Tamiya paint..from The Shopping Sherpa) there ya go.

Also the floor coverings are samples from the I picked up for a that senior the PTO Thrift Shop. There is even one Chilewich sample...I have been coveting those placemats of hers for mini floorcoverings for awhile now, but cannot afford them. The Chilewich is the one on the far left.


  1. how cool - I love this fotos. I usually drink alone. In the morning my early-morning-tea (I learned in my english-lessons at school that the british people are used to serve their guests an bring them a tea to bed, I loved this idea, but have to make my tea of my own and then go to bed once again). In the last years the second drink is a coffee in the office, first way to the coffee-machine when we started work. Now in this new office with two very special people around me I like to take my second drink, a coffee, at the railway-station, on a bench at a bahnsteig, which is empty and I can catch some sunlight.
    In the evening I like my wine. Red wine. One or two glasses. I had a short skype with Neomi last night and when she saw my wine-glass she said, oh, you are drinking again. And I wondered about the "again". But she wanted to say that she mostly drinks with other people and she saw me drinking of my own for some times. Yes I do! Because I don't like to be drunk when there are other people around. Das wäre mir peinlich.
    And I am drunk after two glasses of wine, that's true.
    Doris, your bottles are really wonderful and I like your scenes. I told Neomi allready, that I am so empty in my heart and head for miniatures. Even when I have got the time and Lust, I have no single idea what to do with my little furniture and accesoires.
    I hope that goes away.
    So, is that too long for a comment in your blog?
    kisses from me

  2. I love your background! Is this glass block? Drinking alone.... yes!

    1. Thanks Minis-B, Yes it is a glass brick. I just love them...wish I had a 1:1 house with them.