Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dr. Martha's Relaxing Place

Dr. Martha loves her new books and tea set. They make a great place to "set a spell" after a hard day of doctoring. I'm worried, though, that she bought the books only because they go with her stuff. Nah, she wouldn't do that.

Barbie tea set and books snagged at Kiwanis sale last weekend. AG Minis lamp, desk and chair from Connie at the laundromat. Plug made from tacky stuff you put posters up with. Ikea Lekman box is the "room."

"Orange" I Happy

My laundry friend, Connie, has given me another great gift, an AG Minis Lamp in orange. I had to make a scene that would blend in with it right away. Notice there are NO little people in this one. Oh my. Could be Rosie's place?

Plan Toys sofa, chairs, and couch. Vintage Bodo Hennig shelves. Bierfilz aus Deutschland. Barbie plant and white pitcher. Vintage flowers and record player from my and my sibling's childhood. Craft store finds in shelves and on coffee table. Marketbasket in shelf in re-ment. Boat on shelf is from my son's childhood collection (he's been a great resource). Cat on shelf is an Iwako eraser birthday gift. Lamp is AG Minis (wish to goodness Connie would reveal her source). Holey room divider is a divider from a Coleman cooler.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sulu and Dr. Martha Meet for Drinks

Sulu and Dr. Martha meet after work for drinks at the new rooftop bar they found.  It serves great tropical drinks and snack food.

Furniture is Plan Toys. Drinks, bowl, red glasses, plant in white pot, and camera are Barbie stuff. Food is real muesli from Trader Joe's. You can see the Ikea Lekman box behind Sulu. Plant in fake terracotta pot is from Michael's; pot is second hand store find.

She Scores

My son and I went to two of my favorite places in town to get used things, Kiwanis and Treasure Mart. What a haul! And...very inexpensive.

I think the blocky wooden furniture is Plan Toys.  Not sure about the baby stuff.

These are Barbie things that came with a house I did not want. The sweet Girl Scouts sold the accessories to me separately. I was ready to buy the house, too, and just let them keep it, but they were easy. All this will work well with 1:12, I think. I especially love the tall green tropical drinks and will have to use them right away. Roll of pink toilet paper is just too much.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Uhura and Colossus Engagement Photo

Ahh, love.

And here is a little about Colossus from Wikipedia. I like that he uses his abilities for good and that he is an artist like my son.

Colossus (Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin) is a fictional character, a superhero in the Marvel Comics universe. Created by writer Len Wein and illustrator Dave Cockrum, he first appeared in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975). A Russian mutant, the character is a member of the X-Men, and is by far the physically strongest member of the team. Able to transform into a strong metallic form, even without his powers he still cuts a physically imposing figure standing at 6'7". Throughout the series he has been portrayed as a quiet, shy character, honest and innocent. He has had a fairly consistent presence in X-Men-related comic books since his debut. A talented artist, he only reluctantly agrees to use his powers in combat, feeling it is his responsibility to use his abilities for the betterment of human and mutant-kind.

Craft store frame, vintage pillows and couch from my childhood. Scrapbook wallpaper.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sulu's Place

Sulu has a thing for Legos, too. Here's his groovy bedroom. And...that is not a squirrel bedspread. Sulu is a PETA supporter and only uses faux squirrel in his home.

Vintage record player, pillows, bed, and yellow Barbie mirror. Pizza box lifter used as a white table. Art is a Matisse cut from a magazine and a postage stamp design. Flooring is a placemat. Wallpaper is scrapbook paper. Chair is reac. Teddy is an Iwako eraser. Magazine is made by me. I think the hairbrush may have come from some toy of my son's when he was little. Sulu is a Star Trek action figure from my son.

Rock The Cradle of Love

My wonderful husband said he would not mind my showing the photo I used for his Father's Day card.  And, no, Colossus and Uhura do NOT have a baby...yet. The little one was just "borrowed" for the photo shoot.

Doll and cradle are from my sister's childhood. Not really my style...will be painting the cradle soon. Background is a clipping from a shelter magazine. Thanks to Billy Idol for the inspiration.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Silver Surfin'

Uhura has always wanted to surf.
Colossus' cousin, Silver Surfer, takes her
along to ride the wild desk lamp. 

Silver Surfer always rides the waves on my husband's desk lamp.

Yes, Lego Baseplates Make Great Walls

This idea came from one of my favorite blogs, Call of the Small. She mentioned having seen Lego baseplates as walls for a child's room. Well, what's good for a child is good for my "small" folks, too.

Uhura went for the baseplate idea right away. She used the baseplates to form the walls of her side of the office she and Colossus now share. She dug the way shelves and groovy flowers just stick right on the wall. As you can see, Colossus has a thing for Legos, as well. And sharing an office...well, that's real togetherness.

There Uhura goes reaching for the dictionary, one of her favorite reference books. As you see, her atlas is close by, too.

Too tired to reference all the items. The totem pole thingy to the far left of Colossus' desk was something my son found in a box of Lego creations he had made some time ago. Colossus had to have it in his office.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Penang Vacation for Rosie, Dr. Martha, and the pups

Dr. Martha, Rascal, and Rosie poolside at the Eastern and Oriental Hotel in Penang, Malaysia. Nuthin' funny about a vacation! The gals needed one. With all the really hard work dogs do, maybe they needed one, too.

Rosie always has to carry the treat bag when Scotty comes along.

Rascal, treat bag, collar, and leash are AG Minis.

Bendy Man

Dr. Martha discovered Bendy Man under her new desk. Magnet hands and feet come in handy.

Bendy Man is my son's. Dr. Martha is from the BBC series, Dr. Who. The desk and chair are AG Minis. Wallpaper is scrapbook paper and floor is purple fake leather cloth from Scrap Box.


Colossus, Uhura, Dr. Martha, Dr. Who, and their new friend, Rosie, all went to a funky art happening. They are all trying to figure out what this thing is. Lovely...but what is it?

Well, you can't take Colossus anywhere. He just took the top off the thing and started waving it around. "It's a sceptre and I'm a king!"

Uhura had the idea that if they all touch it at once maybe they could reach Enlightenment. Worth a try.

Of course, Uhura got to touch the tippy top 'cause she's the tallest. (Comes in handy sometimes.)

Thanks to my husband for this idea. It's actually a glass perfume bottle. Rosie is Rose Tyler from the BBC series, Dr. Who. The Dr. Who figures make great dolls for scenes because, unlike Colossus, they look fairly normal. Of course, that's why I like Colossus...he's just NOT normal.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

More History - Uhura Arrives

When Uhura arrived, Colossus showed her the kitchen he had renovated and the adjoining office he had prepared for her. He fed her...always good for mail order brides. She fell for his sushi, his kindness...and his physique.  He just fell.

They washed dishes together. Sweet, huh?

Then Uhura had a little work to do.

Later, they went to Sulu's house for dessert.

A love story. To be continued.

See earlier posts for info on kitchen.  Desk items, wallet, planner, and orange drawers are re-ment. Clipboard and communicator are StarTrek action figure accessories. Office chair is a reac copy of vintage Charles and Ray Eames chair. See earlier posts for info on Sulu's house. Cake is an Iwako eraser.

Dr. Martha's New Furniture

Dr. Martha is so excited about the wild new desk she just bought. She has invited her new friend, Dr. Who, over to see it. He thinks she is one wild woman to like such crazy looking stuff. He likes her polka-dot wallpaper and her crazy purple floor. Personally, I think he likes her.

My laundromat friend, Connie, has come through again with some AG Minis - the table and chair. They are so cool, Connie..thanks. Flowers, vase and frame are craft store finds. Dr. Who...(the tenth one from the BBC show) is all the way from China via ebay (bad ebay for making the whole world my mall). Wallpaper is scrapbook paper. Flooring is leathery looking cloth from the Scrap Box.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My "Dollhouse"

I thought I should show what I have been using for a "dollhouse." My Mother's friend, Sylvia, gave me this salesman's sample box a long time ago. When I was hunting for a venue for my scenes, I thought this might be perfect. It works fairly well, but I am scouting for a small, narrow 3 or 4 shelf bookshelf so I can leave some scenes up for awhile. I will be checking Ikea soon as they may have the perfect thing. As it is now, I have to take one down before making another.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

More History; Getting Ready for Uhura's arrival

Colossus was very busy for awhile fixing up his house for Uhura's arrival. He got a huge stone from his yard for the bathroom sink and made all the fixtures himself. He even plunged the toilet...not a favorite job. He remodeled the kitchen and cooked in anticipation of her arrival. You will see pics of the office he created for her later. He may not look it, but beneath that gruff exterior, he is one thoughtful guy.

He even tried out the bathtub to make sure it would be comfortable. Minkey and Scotty are very curious about what is making Colossus so energetic.

Bathroom fixtures are a rock from my yard and Lego. Bathmat is glass square from Scrap Box. Dog is ??Playmobil. All floors are placemats. All wallpaper is scrapbooking paper. Picture is a mini Matisse cut from a magazine.
Kitchen shelves are vintage Bodo Henning. Stove and sink are Lego. Accessories are Scrap Box finds, Iwako erasers, vintage pots and pans from my sibling's childhood.

Colossus seeks advice from his friend, Sulu

Here's more of Colossus' history. He has always enjoyed the friendship and company of his friend, Sulu.  He goes to Sulu's the glass living room they have to control stone throwing. He tells Sulu how lonely he is. Sulu thinks a mail order bride is just what Colossus needs.  He says Colossus needs a woman he can "look up to" figuratively and literally.  He needs an Amazon.  What better place to get one than on Amazon. Colossus is all excited over the prospect. He searches Amazon and finds a beautiful "tall drink of water" named Uhura. She has beautiful skin and beautiful hair and a sweet countenance. She is perfect and he makes arrangements to bring her home.

Glass bricks are a wedding present. Glass table is a top to a candle jar. Glass cube is handmade by my husband, Craig's, grandfather. Dog is ??Paymobil. Basket is re-ment. Pillows are vintage German from my childhood. Sushi, apples, and chopsticks are Iwako erasers. Coke bottle is vintage from my sibling's childhood stuff. Things on glass table are finds from Scrap Box, a wonderful resource in my city for industrial and other discards. Sulu is a Star Trek action figure from my son's collection.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Lonely Colossus

This is a little of the back story on our friend Colossus.  He had a groovy bachelor pad, but it was lonely. He had only his teddy bear, some magazines, and a spelling book for company.

The sushi was good, but a lot to eat alone. Well...he did not have too much trouble. After all, he is colossal.

Sometimes he worked hard, but still something was you can see by his face.

He even redecorated the living room and spent a lot of time playing with his Capuchin monkey, Minkey.

Sofa, china cabinet, sofa pillow, wooden serving tray, and flowers in vase are vintage German from my childhood. "Speller" is handmade by one of my siblings when they were little. Jazz poster is a picture of a US stamp. I made the magazines. Sushi dishes, apples, teddy, and chopsticks are all Iwako erasers. Colossus' office is Lego and Playmobil stuff from my son, Will. Japanese sign is re-ment.  Coffeepot belonged to one of my siblings. Shelves in remodeled living room are Bodo Hennig. Chair is reac. Side table base is napkin ring; top is Petoskey Stone, state stone of Michigan. Rug is untersetzer (coaster) from my friend, Marsha. Flooring is a placemat. Dog is ??Paymobil.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New friend Dr. Martha Jones comes bearing gifts

Colossus' and Uhura's friend, Dr. Martha Jones, came to visit bearing gifts. She brought a bone for Rascal, two beautiful shells, and a new, very vividly green phone. Too bad Colossus ate up all the doughnuts and drank up all the coffee. Now all they have to serve Martha is a "bickie" and a cucumber. And...she had to bring her own coffee.
Colossus thinks the beautiful shell looks a lot like an ice cream cone. Well, he may have more brawn than brain.

I just got Dr. Martha Jones today. The person who sent it has an address in Suffolk called "Primrose Cottage."  I loved that, being such an Anglophile and all. Sounds so picturesque. Martha is a character from the BBC series, Dr. Who. The shells, phone, and bone are from my laundromat friend, Connie...again. Thanks, Connie.