Friday, June 3, 2011

Lonely Colossus

This is a little of the back story on our friend Colossus.  He had a groovy bachelor pad, but it was lonely. He had only his teddy bear, some magazines, and a spelling book for company.

The sushi was good, but a lot to eat alone. Well...he did not have too much trouble. After all, he is colossal.

Sometimes he worked hard, but still something was you can see by his face.

He even redecorated the living room and spent a lot of time playing with his Capuchin monkey, Minkey.

Sofa, china cabinet, sofa pillow, wooden serving tray, and flowers in vase are vintage German from my childhood. "Speller" is handmade by one of my siblings when they were little. Jazz poster is a picture of a US stamp. I made the magazines. Sushi dishes, apples, teddy, and chopsticks are all Iwako erasers. Colossus' office is Lego and Playmobil stuff from my son, Will. Japanese sign is re-ment.  Coffeepot belonged to one of my siblings. Shelves in remodeled living room are Bodo Hennig. Chair is reac. Side table base is napkin ring; top is Petoskey Stone, state stone of Michigan. Rug is untersetzer (coaster) from my friend, Marsha. Flooring is a placemat. Dog is ??Paymobil.

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