Monday, June 20, 2011

Sulu's Place

Sulu has a thing for Legos, too. Here's his groovy bedroom. And...that is not a squirrel bedspread. Sulu is a PETA supporter and only uses faux squirrel in his home.

Vintage record player, pillows, bed, and yellow Barbie mirror. Pizza box lifter used as a white table. Art is a Matisse cut from a magazine and a postage stamp design. Flooring is a placemat. Wallpaper is scrapbook paper. Chair is reac. Teddy is an Iwako eraser. Magazine is made by me. I think the hairbrush may have come from some toy of my son's when he was little. Sulu is a Star Trek action figure from my son.


  1. Thanks Mini Dork, I love Legos, too. They make you think in inventive ways.