Saturday, June 4, 2011

Colossus seeks advice from his friend, Sulu

Here's more of Colossus' history. He has always enjoyed the friendship and company of his friend, Sulu.  He goes to Sulu's the glass living room they have to control stone throwing. He tells Sulu how lonely he is. Sulu thinks a mail order bride is just what Colossus needs.  He says Colossus needs a woman he can "look up to" figuratively and literally.  He needs an Amazon.  What better place to get one than on Amazon. Colossus is all excited over the prospect. He searches Amazon and finds a beautiful "tall drink of water" named Uhura. She has beautiful skin and beautiful hair and a sweet countenance. She is perfect and he makes arrangements to bring her home.

Glass bricks are a wedding present. Glass table is a top to a candle jar. Glass cube is handmade by my husband, Craig's, grandfather. Dog is ??Paymobil. Basket is re-ment. Pillows are vintage German from my childhood. Sushi, apples, and chopsticks are Iwako erasers. Coke bottle is vintage from my sibling's childhood stuff. Things on glass table are finds from Scrap Box, a wonderful resource in my city for industrial and other discards. Sulu is a Star Trek action figure from my son's collection.

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