Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New friend Dr. Martha Jones comes bearing gifts

Colossus' and Uhura's friend, Dr. Martha Jones, came to visit bearing gifts. She brought a bone for Rascal, two beautiful shells, and a new, very vividly green phone. Too bad Colossus ate up all the doughnuts and drank up all the coffee. Now all they have to serve Martha is a "bickie" and a cucumber. And...she had to bring her own coffee.
Colossus thinks the beautiful shell looks a lot like an ice cream cone. Well, he may have more brawn than brain.

I just got Dr. Martha Jones today. The person who sent it has an address in Suffolk called "Primrose Cottage."  I loved that, being such an Anglophile and all. Sounds so picturesque. Martha is a character from the BBC series, Dr. Who. The shells, phone, and bone are from my laundromat friend, Connie...again. Thanks, Connie.

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