Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Going Back In Time To Say THANKS To A Good Friend

We're going to travel back in time to the fall to make a special post featuring the gifts my good friend Melanie gave me for Christmas. Thanks so much Melanie!! I had wanted to use the great chair I found awhile back and the little gifts spurred me on. The two little urns with fall flowers, the cornucopia, and the Christmas wreaths and bunting are from Melanie.

A cozy place for reading a trunkful of books. The dictionary must be
close by as we love our reference materials

So the bunting and wreaths are bought and ready to go up. Time to bid farewell to fall.

That's the chair that is part of the Hannah Montana Beach House...I don't think it fits..but that's my opinion. I like it in this more traditional setting. Some of the colors go together in real life better than in the photos...but I really don't care.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Merry Christmas and Peaceful Tidings

'Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house
not a creature was stirring

'cept maybe the mouse.

The cookies were all laid out with care
in hopes that Saint Nicholas might tarry there.

The decor was in place to cheer up the season

Even an elf, it was way beyond reason.

So along came the big guy a little worn for wear

and added some presents here and there.

He smiled at the cookies, checked his list

and surveyed the scene to make sure
nothing was missed.

Then laying a finger aside of his nose
quickly out the door he goes.

Merry Christmas!

And a happy anything wonderful
you may celebrate to cheer you
through the end of another year.
Peaceful tidings to you all
from Hunky Dory and 
the whole family.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Swingin' 60s

I've just been reading a book called 60s People by Jane and Michael Stern. Since I am a 60s person and I saw myself in much of the book, I have been wanting to make a "perky girl" room. So, here it is................

There is the ubiquitous avocado plant..I grew them.

Stacks of pillows.

Records. Beatles and Peter Paul and Mary...I had them, too.


Groovy clocks.

Funky stuff.

Beanbag chairs. And friends of an "artistic" nature.
Maybe even some unusual animals.

Putting together this post was some kinda fun. My son and I worked on the avocado plant. I just got the two cute end tables at the Kiwanis Thrift store along with the wet bunny purse (what the heck is wet bunny??? Anyone know?). I made the's actually a lentil bag. The Grande Ballroom (it was a onetime Detroit music venue) poster is homage to my husband who went there in '69. I got the puppy and the raccoon when my son and I went shopping for our secret "angel" (a Salvation Army project we are doing at work). As you see we had so much fun we got a few tiny treats for ourselves like the little Schleich animals and the teddy from a Lego mini-fig set. I loved the Beatles and Peter Paul and Mary back in the day....well, now too. The pillow is from Jazzi and the little flowered box and basket came with MJ when she visited (thanks ladies). I made the other pillows except for the Ikea heart/hugs pillow and the animal print one (another Kiwanis find) for various scenes and piled them all for this one. I still really like the polka dot Ikea laptop support...seemed to fit the perky girl room vibe. Funny that a lot of things I have been buying are pink..I guess lots of girl toys are. Never used to like it that much, but it is growing on me.