Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Going Back In Time To Say THANKS To A Good Friend

We're going to travel back in time to the fall to make a special post featuring the gifts my good friend Melanie gave me for Christmas. Thanks so much Melanie!! I had wanted to use the great chair I found awhile back and the little gifts spurred me on. The two little urns with fall flowers, the cornucopia, and the Christmas wreaths and bunting are from Melanie.

A cozy place for reading a trunkful of books. The dictionary must be
close by as we love our reference materials

So the bunting and wreaths are bought and ready to go up. Time to bid farewell to fall.

That's the chair that is part of the Hannah Montana Beach House...I don't think it fits..but that's my opinion. I like it in this more traditional setting. Some of the colors go together in real life better than in the photos...but I really don't care.


  1. I love the scene, it is exactly the kind of place I would love to spend hours reading a good book or two. The cabinet/book case is beautiful! Is it German?

  2. Dear Doris,
    A wonderful new year to you! You have so many small things- this makes the scenes so realistic. In the former one there is a cushion"keep calm" did you make it? if so , would you tell sometime how?

  3. It seems so cozy. I love the suitcase with the old books.

  4. What a nice gift! The reading nook looks like a wonderful place to curl up in and enjoy a novel or two!

  5. I think it looks just fine...nice and cozy.

  6. Hi Gals...Thanks for visiting. Glad you like the scene. Next up...Oscar Wilde!
    Love to all...