Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve with Rose

Rose went shopping today for books. She took along the big bag she got for Christmas and filled it up.

She settles in for a quiet night of reading. Reading and a good cup of joe; what more could a girl want?

As you can see, she likes her books.

And she's got a lovely cozy room to read in with comfy new chairs and a groovy new lamp.

And, as the night progresses, she works her way through some treats. Just look at all the kipple!

Happy New Year!

Thanks to my friend, Petra, for the following goodies:  gorgeous chairs, coffee table, lampshade, purse, souffle, coffee cups, take-out drink, water bottle, pink wine glass, slice of bread, kleinem Eimer, mask, thimble (it's upside down and has moss in it), and all but one book (a LOT of books). 

Other items: Wallpapers are all samples. Floor is a placemat. In shelf are a pot and plant from my nephew, Nicholas; Eiffel Tower from my sister, Erika; bird is a Wade figurine that comes inside a Red Rose Tea box; Buddha is from my collection. Re-ment wine bottle.

I made the base for the lampshade from Petra out of Legos. Candles are Barbie. Christmas tree is from my friend, Connie, at the laundromat. I painted the black shelf from dollar store and the chest from my sister's childhood.

By the way the word "kipple" is from the Philip Dick book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep." It means stuff laying around.

Monday, December 26, 2011

I Challenge Myself To Use Every Single Donation

I recently visited my sister and her family. They kindly scoured the house for mini-donations. I challenged myself to use every single thing in one scene. it is!

Peter Parker and his children, Spidey Parker Jr. and Peter Pan Parker are getting ready to open presents on Christmas morning. Everyone has a good idea about how to open them. Papa Parker thinks a hatchet might be best.

Little Spidey wants to use his new web making powers to just rip the paper right off. Brother Peter Pan thinks maybe his new knife would be fun.

If they cause too much ruckus, Papa Parker is going to send them to "the sak." And, no more Coke making them more wound up.

  1. Flowerpots with purple flower, yellow flower, and green plant....thanks Nicholas.
  2. Christmas trees...Nicholas.
  3. Black sand from Hawaii on coffee table...glad you all went there.
  4. Longboard Bierfilz...thanks Greg.
  5. Coke bottle...thanks Ben.
  6. Bicycle...Ben.
  7. Peter Parker
  8. Spiderman figure
  9. Pirate guy
  10. Lantern...Greg.
  11. "the sak" medallion...Greg.
  12. Eiffel Tower...thanks Erika.
  13. Wreath...Nicholas
  14. Hatchet

Here's a link to a very cool giveaway by a very talented blogger...Mari

Happy Chanukah

Happy Chanukah, too!

This is the beautiful Menorah I found on a synagogue
in Key West, Florida.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas und Frohe Weihnachten

A merry Christmas und Frohe Weihnachten
to all my new friends in the mini world.  
May Peace be with you and your family
and let us work together to bring PEACE to the world.

Nyota and Colossus are having a Christmas party.
They just got back from Key West and Sanibel Island
and have decorated the house
with souvenirs and shells from the beach.

There is dancing.

A little joking around.

A lifetime supply of Tabasco sauce.

Something to drink.

Some good food.


My family really did go to Key West and Sanibel Island for vacation. The shells and nature items are things we collected. I did cheat and buy the small starfish, the sand dollar, and the sea urchin...what can I say? Room is the Ikea Lekman box. Couch and side table are Kaleidoscope House. Coffee table is Plan Toys. Chest is part of a nursery set I repainted. White chair is CB2 Christmas ornament. Christmas tree is from my laundromat friend, Connie. Presents are Barbie, eraser, re-ment basket and a real mini Tabasco. Wall art is a Sanibel sticker, craft store flowers and plaque. Drinks are Barbie and re-ment. I made the pillows. Food is Iwako eraser and re-ment. Tray is vintage German. Record player is from my childhood. Moss pot is Barbie.
Action figures are Stephen Hart and Nick Cutter from the BBC show "Primeval;" Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Doctor Who from the BBC show "Doctor Who;" Nyota Uhura and Sulu from "Star Trek;" and Colossus from the X-Men.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kissen Hab I' Genaeht!-I Sewed Pillows! (If I Had an Umlaut, I'd Type It In The Mornin')

Oops, I see a couch pillow in disarray!

I made these pillows from cheapo material from Joanne. I had remembered some other miniaturist stuffed them with seed beads to make them look more realistic, so I did that as well.  One could use some little minions to do the stuffing as it is very time consuming and not half as much fun as deciding which part of the pattern to use.  I have lots more sewn but not stuffed.  Later....
I have been trying to mimic the Bayrisch dialect of my cousin, the little Deutsch in the title is my attempt.
The couch is Kaleidoscope and the room is the Ikea Lekman box.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Little Cottage in The Woods

Here's our beloved cottage in the woods in Northern Michigan. It's simple, but has a lovely view. It's fun to go there and cook good food and get our priorities straight.  As long as you have your snow shovel, lantern, candles and plenty of food, you're good to go.  Something is cookin'.

Looks like we are having cauliflower, asparagus and gnocchi.  Don't forget the hot sauce, 'cause it gets cold up here.

Chicken and steak, too. Of course, there's always coffee in the pot.

Ah, yes, still dishes to wash.

And in the wilderness, there's always nature.  

This scene was inspired by the fact that our longtime friend has just bought a house in northern Michigan. Welcome back!! Cabin is a wine box from my favorite grocery store, Plum Market. It last held Data Girl's office. Window frame is Lego as is the container on the sink. Kitchen furniture is Plan Toys and Hello Dolly. Food is re-ment and from my childhood. Green cooking utensil container is an Iwako eraser. Lantern and black pots and plates are from my siblings' childhood. I found the snake today in some of my son's old toys. Couldn't resist using it. That's his shovel, too. Vegetable bin, flashlight, and garbage can are Playmobil. Candles, cooking utensils, pitcher, dishes in sink, and container on windowsill are Barbie.

Meine Ersten Puppenstuben

Meine erste Puppenstube, Weihnachten 1955, Hof, Bayern.  

My parents made this for me when I was 9 in 1960. 

That's Hunky Dory there on the far right.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Sushi Stop

Stephen and Dr. Martha's favorite place for sushi, The Sushi Stop.

You will notice the inexpensive rolls named after your favorite cities. Wonder what a Speichersdorfer Roll has in it...Wurst?

Ever so liberated, Dr. Martha insists on paying.

Gotta go fix dinner, so this is going to be a quick credit.  CB2 chairs. Maybe I'll come back later and do more.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

After A Nice Night Out

You come back home after a nice night out and what do you find?  Your babysitter has let the kids run wild.

"Who me," he says innocently?

Mom throws her purse down and starts to clean it up.  

What's dad doing? "Hey, look, I can balance the ball on one hand!"  

I just had to use the little Fisher Price popper I found today at the Kiwanis Thrift Store; it was on a keychain. My husband said he used to hate this toy...noise, you see. Room is the Ikea Lekman box. Couches and coffee table are Kaleidoscope House by Bozart. Vintage German credenza is from my childhood. Rug is my husband's mousepad. Accessories are AG Minis, Barbie, craft store flowers, some of my son's old toys, small Buddha from my collection, erasers, part of a consignment store tea set, and re-ment. Wall art is upholstery scrap from The Scrap Box.
Action figures are Rose Tyler and Doctor Who (yep, who me?) from "Doctor Who." Dad is Nick Cutter from "Primeval." You can tell I like BBC shows.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Never Too Late For Some Fun

Thanks to Modern MC for her comment and link to her fun posting using the artist's model. It is never too late to be funny, MC.  Check it out.  Sorry the posting looks odd.  Cut and paste was not so WISIWYG.

AWW! I missed this challenge. Well, I did use one of these little guys once:

Not as cool as how Oese used this item though...

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Big Thanks To My MiniFriends For Rising To The First Very Little Humor Mini Challenge

Thanks to my MiniFriends, Oese, Otterine and Carmen for rising to the challenge and making very fun scenes with the artist's models. See their creative ideas back at my earlier post (link below).
We'll have to do this again sometime. I like the humor you all have found and the gutsy post by Oese. You all are so great. What a cool bunch of people I have discovered in the mini world.

The Day The Earth Stood Still...The First Time

We all know about the day the earth stood still when Gort descended from the spaceship and scared the living daylights out of people. But no one remembers that an alien and his spaceship had landed many years before. The creature that emerged was made of wood as the alien civilization had yet to develop metals. And, yes, the earth stood still. Upon leaving, the alien zapped earth creatures with a "forgetting ray."  Recently evidence was found of the first contact.

Artist's model belongs to my son, Will. The woman pre-Gort is carrying is a Dr. Martha Jones action figure from the BBC series Doctor Who. I hacked a real poster from the original movie.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I tried another color/arrangement combo.  I think part of the problem is those orangey legs on the chairs. I may have to repaint.

Watching Doctor Who with Doctor Who and Dr. Martha Jones

My husband and I were watching the Doctor Who episodes with Martha Jones, which, by the way, are great.  The little action figures wanted to watch, too, so I found them a nice spot on the pillow and we all had a really good time.

Birthday Love Nest

Colossus got Nyota (you will not believe this; I did not realize Uhura was her last name on Star Trek) a tent for her birthday.  He set it up in the house and gave her the other presents.  Then, when the weather turned sunny, he put it up outside and made a beautiful, serene little love nest.

The tent is a carrier for a stuffed animals I found at Ikea.  I just thought it was perfect for minis.

Too tired to give all credits. The white chair is from CB2.  It is a reproduction of the igloo chair and is meant to be a Christmas ornament. Thanks to Modern MC for scouting these out for all of us. The rug is my mouse pad.