Monday, December 26, 2011

I Challenge Myself To Use Every Single Donation

I recently visited my sister and her family. They kindly scoured the house for mini-donations. I challenged myself to use every single thing in one scene. it is!

Peter Parker and his children, Spidey Parker Jr. and Peter Pan Parker are getting ready to open presents on Christmas morning. Everyone has a good idea about how to open them. Papa Parker thinks a hatchet might be best.

Little Spidey wants to use his new web making powers to just rip the paper right off. Brother Peter Pan thinks maybe his new knife would be fun.

If they cause too much ruckus, Papa Parker is going to send them to "the sak." And, no more Coke making them more wound up.

  1. Flowerpots with purple flower, yellow flower, and green plant....thanks Nicholas.
  2. Christmas trees...Nicholas.
  3. Black sand from Hawaii on coffee table...glad you all went there.
  4. Longboard Bierfilz...thanks Greg.
  5. Coke bottle...thanks Ben.
  6. Bicycle...Ben.
  7. Peter Parker
  8. Spiderman figure
  9. Pirate guy
  10. Lantern...Greg.
  11. "the sak" medallion...Greg.
  12. Eiffel Tower...thanks Erika.
  13. Wreath...Nicholas
  14. Hatchet

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