Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve with Rose

Rose went shopping today for books. She took along the big bag she got for Christmas and filled it up.

She settles in for a quiet night of reading. Reading and a good cup of joe; what more could a girl want?

As you can see, she likes her books.

And she's got a lovely cozy room to read in with comfy new chairs and a groovy new lamp.

And, as the night progresses, she works her way through some treats. Just look at all the kipple!

Happy New Year!

Thanks to my friend, Petra, for the following goodies:  gorgeous chairs, coffee table, lampshade, purse, souffle, coffee cups, take-out drink, water bottle, pink wine glass, slice of bread, kleinem Eimer, mask, thimble (it's upside down and has moss in it), and all but one book (a LOT of books). 

Other items: Wallpapers are all samples. Floor is a placemat. In shelf are a pot and plant from my nephew, Nicholas; Eiffel Tower from my sister, Erika; bird is a Wade figurine that comes inside a Red Rose Tea box; Buddha is from my collection. Re-ment wine bottle.

I made the base for the lampshade from Petra out of Legos. Candles are Barbie. Christmas tree is from my friend, Connie, at the laundromat. I painted the black shelf from dollar store and the chest from my sister's childhood.

By the way the word "kipple" is from the Philip Dick book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep." It means stuff laying around.


  1. I love this post!
    I love everything in it and how you arranged it. The books are one of my first selfmade-things, I had no idea from the right scale and they are much too big. Nowadays my books are in the right scale, but this books are kind of nostalgic to me and I'm glad they are in USA now and you have fun with it.
    The bathroom-hook-lampshade looks good with the legos too.
    Happy new year to you and Craig! I'm so glad we met and hope to see you soon in good old Germany.