Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kissen Hab I' Genaeht!-I Sewed Pillows! (If I Had an Umlaut, I'd Type It In The Mornin')

Oops, I see a couch pillow in disarray!

I made these pillows from cheapo material from Joanne. I had remembered some other miniaturist stuffed them with seed beads to make them look more realistic, so I did that as well.  One could use some little minions to do the stuffing as it is very time consuming and not half as much fun as deciding which part of the pattern to use.  I have lots more sewn but not stuffed.  Later....
I have been trying to mimic the Bayrisch dialect of my cousin, the little Deutsch in the title is my attempt.
The couch is Kaleidoscope and the room is the Ikea Lekman box.


  1. You crack me up! Love the pillows!

  2. I commend your sewing efforts. Great patterns on that "cheapo material", man!

  3. This is what this sofa lacks! I'm going to review my last scene with some pillows as well!

  4. Thanks to all for your nice comments. I'm happy that I am cracking you up, Mad.

  5. Hi Lisa, I always love your scenes. Thanks for the compliment.