Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Little Cottage in The Woods

Here's our beloved cottage in the woods in Northern Michigan. It's simple, but has a lovely view. It's fun to go there and cook good food and get our priorities straight.  As long as you have your snow shovel, lantern, candles and plenty of food, you're good to go.  Something is cookin'.

Looks like we are having cauliflower, asparagus and gnocchi.  Don't forget the hot sauce, 'cause it gets cold up here.

Chicken and steak, too. Of course, there's always coffee in the pot.

Ah, yes, still dishes to wash.

And in the wilderness, there's always nature.  

This scene was inspired by the fact that our longtime friend has just bought a house in northern Michigan. Welcome back!! Cabin is a wine box from my favorite grocery store, Plum Market. It last held Data Girl's office. Window frame is Lego as is the container on the sink. Kitchen furniture is Plan Toys and Hello Dolly. Food is re-ment and from my childhood. Green cooking utensil container is an Iwako eraser. Lantern and black pots and plates are from my siblings' childhood. I found the snake today in some of my son's old toys. Couldn't resist using it. That's his shovel, too. Vegetable bin, flashlight, and garbage can are Playmobil. Candles, cooking utensils, pitcher, dishes in sink, and container on windowsill are Barbie.


  1. du hast ganz schön viele kleine küchensachen, sehe ich. leider habe ich mir noch keine zeit genommen, dein paket zu packen. ich hoffe, du bist nicht zu ungeduldig...
    liebe grüße ins thanksgiving-land!

  2. what a cosy atmosphere so different than this parts....

  3. Hi Neomi, I've always wanted one of these serene little cabins. Many Michigan families have one on a lake or river "up North." For us, our house is very small and old and surrounded by trees...sometimes we pretend it is our cabin in the woods.