Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The First Very Little Humor Mini Challenge

Ok, all you mini is my first Mini Challenge.  

Use an artist mannequin like the one in this picture to create a scene. Post your photo on your site on October 31, 2011 (ha ha Halloween). Please don't do it earlier because I do not want us to be influenced by someone else's idea. Enter a comment on this post with a link to your site. Other than that, there are no rules. It will be so much fun to see what we come up with. Petra...I know you bought one of these recently and I know you will have a great idea. So come on you smart, creative folks. Let's have some fun!


  1. el dia 31 seguro me olvido
    yo tengo dos post con el mismo personaje, te invito a verlos:

  2. Hola Carmen, gracias por la presentación de escenas. Voy a esperar hasta 31 de octubre al mirarlos. No quiero echar un vistazo todavía.

  3. Okay - here is my mini scene: This was fun! :D

    hi doris, I hope you like my version of the wooden model. It is not the only star of the fotosession, but part of it.

  5. AWW! I missed this challenge. Well, I did use one of these little guys once:

    Not as cool as how Oese used this item though...