Saturday, October 15, 2011

Going Into the Anomaly ala "Primeval"

Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart get ready to go back in time through an anomaly. They figure it would be a good idea to take along strongman, Colossus. They gather their gear and food and plan their foray into the unknown.

Colossus checks the weapon box. Professor Cutter does some research.
The little creature watching is one they brought back from the past without realizing it and now is a beloved pet.

Stephen shows Nick things he brought back from other trips back in time.
Note the figure of his favorite movie character, Indiana Jones.

Nick checks out the artifacts.

Professor Nick takes a pic of Colossus with his favorite weapon, a shovel. Colossus got the idea from The Shoveler in the movie, "Mystery Men."

So, what do the men take along for food? Stephen asks Nick if they should take his favorite, sardines.

They end up with the sardines and lots of cheese. The beer is just for the planning meeting.

All packed up.

Stephen checks the anomaly detector one last time to make sure they know when it will be opening up.

I owe this post to three things/people. 1. One of my favorite British TV shows, "Primeval." 2. My son. It is his toys I found when cleaning out the shed that inspired this. 3. My darling husband, who suggested I use his shop light and even got it for me from the garage. Thanks, my boyfriend of 25 years!
Nick and Stephen are action figures from "Primeval." Colossus is one of the X-Men. Furniture: black shelf is a dollar store find I spray painted black; chair is reac; cabinet is re-ment; I made the bed cover hardly visible at right; table is Plan Toys. Floor covering is a banana leaf. Mirror is from Treasure Mart, a local consignment store.
Things from my son, Will:  Playmobil chest; backpacks, one of which I know is GI Joe; GI Joe shovel; various weapons; Indiana Jones figure; Colossus figure; ice pick; and the thing with the antenna that I am calling an anomaly detector.
Artifacts on the shelf are nature items Will or I have collected. The lantern is from my siblings' childhood. Moss pots are bottle tops; moss is from dollar store. Food is re-ment; the reason they are taking a lot of cheese is because I don't have much more food.  Spiral notebook is AG Minis. Buddha figure is from a local shop specializing in Tibetan items. Little creature is a turquoise bead. Camera is Barbie.


  1. LOVE the artifacts in your bookcase! I would have NEVER thought of using those things. Great idea!
    So happy to have found your blog!
    Blessings, Kathi

  2. where did you get that lantern? I don't think it was mine...