Thursday, June 9, 2011

More History - Uhura Arrives

When Uhura arrived, Colossus showed her the kitchen he had renovated and the adjoining office he had prepared for her. He fed her...always good for mail order brides. She fell for his sushi, his kindness...and his physique.  He just fell.

They washed dishes together. Sweet, huh?

Then Uhura had a little work to do.

Later, they went to Sulu's house for dessert.

A love story. To be continued.

See earlier posts for info on kitchen.  Desk items, wallet, planner, and orange drawers are re-ment. Clipboard and communicator are StarTrek action figure accessories. Office chair is a reac copy of vintage Charles and Ray Eames chair. See earlier posts for info on Sulu's house. Cake is an Iwako eraser.

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