Saturday, February 2, 2013

Geek Grotto

Einie and Colossus have a great hangout full of all things geeky...and a little bit messy.

They have shelves full of their favorite things.

Einie loves the online video game show Video Games Awesome which is billed as the most casual, least informative video game show on the internet. WARNING:  My son says the show gets a bit raunchy at times.

Their messiness benefits their little friend.

A beer bottle in the cactus?

They got this great poster at a bar they went to last night.

And, they've "enhanced" their almost life size model of Princess Leia into "Cthulleia."

Another sexy girl looks to be propping up the lamp or vice versa.

Snacks and knives...necessities.

And, of course, they must discuss the bad movie they've rented.

I was toying with making a red scene in honor of Valentine's Day, but I was having absolutely no inspiration. I started with the rug and the red CB2 chair, but I was stuck. My son Will started making some shelves and then took it from there. He created this hilarious scene using lots of little items from his collections. I think there are more collaborations in our future. Still waiting for my husband to help with one.


  1. A feast for the eyes and created with love. It definitely made me smile.

    1. Thanks. Yes, it was fun doing it together. I am very lucky to have a son that doesn't mind doing things with his mom.

  2. Hallo liebe Doris,

    die Beiden sollten den Laptop zuklappen, einen großen TV aufstellen und die Flasche Tabasco austrinken, damit sie richtig scharf auf den Superbowl sind.

    Was sind das für coole kleine Figuren?

    Dein Sohn hat gute Ideen.

    Liebe Grüße von Monika

    1. Hallo Liebe Monika,
      Danke sehr für die süße Wörter. Die Figuren sind vershiedene kleine sachen von Playmobil, Star Wars, Legos, Japanische Anime, usw. Will hat die kleine Dinge sehr gern und hat verschiedene seit er ein Junge war.
      Guten Morgen??
      Deine Freundin,

  3. Boy does this ever look like a young mans digs! Your son did such a wonderful job of creating a working 'chaos' of the occupants and their comfort in being in it ! Way to go Doris and Will!!!!


    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Yes, my son knows a lot about chaos.