Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Screamed for Ice Cream And Then I Forgot Where It Was

You just cannot leave ice cream sitting around...but, there it is, all pink and delicious. But, who would just leave it there? And where are they?

And who keeps moving the shade up, down, and all around?

Been awhile...what is that ice cream made of anyway?

Neomi of Neo-Mini sent me a lot of wonderful minis. Thanks Neomi! See how I used that metal thing for a table support? The items are: that metal thing, a beautiful golden Hebrew book (the photos don't do it justice), miniscule beautiful shells, Buddha hand, shoe, ice cream cones, beaded balls, and the cactus in the window.
Petra of Raum für Raum sent me the accordion pleated fabric. Thanks Petra! I made a Lego window to frame it so it can slide up and down in a little channel. I love was the inspiration for the color scheme. Notice the little lever which makes it go up and down...well, not really, this is a dollhouse after all.


  1. I like this little scene. And, if they don't come back soon, I say you and I should eat the ice cream. ;]

  2. Hi Brae, I'm so glad you liked the scene. I have been following your work on your haunted house and I am always taken with your wonderful ideas and your careful, detailed work. And, yes you do get dibs on the ice cream.

  3. I'm so glad you enjoy all those little nik naks!

  4. Hi Neomi,
    As you know, I've still got more to use...can't wait.