Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stephen's Man Cave...imagination to reality

Stephen just moved to new digs and has a huge basement room just perfect for a Man Cave.  He invited his friends over to get their take on it. I'd say they are all in favor.

But white on white on white is boring so they head over to the new wallcovering store they heard had beer. Doctor Who says, "Whoo Hoo!" 

Grasscloth could be cool...and they're not goth so there you go.

And rough and ready they are, so the stucco may be for them.

Sulu checks out the offerings.  Doc Who's got his eyes..or fingers...on some stucco...and it's on sale!

They decide to partake as long as they are there anyway.

White room is an empty shelf in a bookcase. Wallcovering store is the Lekman box. Couch is Kaleidoscope House. Coffee table and pink wine glasses are gift from Oese of Raum für Raum. Display is from the Barbie Mall. Tray is vintage German from my childhood. Wallpapers are samples.
More description later....gotta go watch some "Farscape" with my best buddy.   


  1. I love this wall-covering and flooring showroom. I haven't seen anything like it since Pubdoll's Spook showroom. Great story too.

  2. Hi Studioseven,
    Thanks for the praise; you are very sweet. It was fun coming up with all this. I'll have to find Pubdoll's showroom.
    Thanks for looking in on the blog.