Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dortmunder Manifest

I am always impressed with Oese who does the blog Raum für Raum for her wonderful use of many different items for her artwork. I also like her color themed scenes. Ever since she sent me this postcard of the Dortmunder Manifest, I have wanted to use it in a color themed scene. This is not much, but I also discovered I do not have much in the way of red stuff.

Yep, the Lekman box from Ikea as room again. The chairs are CB2. Red side table is Plan Toys. Fern is from Michaels. Plant in pot is from my nephew, Nicholas. Figures are Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart from "Primeval," and Martha Jones is from "Doctor Who." Purse is Barbie. Book is from Oese as is, of course, the postcard. Floor is a wallpaper sample.


  1. Oh Dory, I just realized that I am very late with my comments. First your wonderful use of the black lego-bricks. I love the bar you made and I am envious for at with because by - hate prepositions - the different bricks you can use. Unfortunately my son sold his lego when he was in the beginning of his twenties.
    I love the other scenes too and it was funny to read my hometowns name in the sidebar, in my bloglist. Sweet scene too.
    I'm busy with trying to find a new job. There is no nice atmoshere in our office in this times. Today we all got our Kündigung. :-(
    But we have to talk soon.

  2. Hi Petra,
    Thanks so much for the big compliment. Best of luck with the job search. You are a smart woman and have skills so go out there and show them what you've got!!! I looked for you on skype yesterday morning. I know you must be very busy. My best to you this week.
    Your friend, Doris