Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Visit to Dr. Martha's Office

Dr. Martha's receptionist is sick today, so she is manning the desk herself.

Looks like Colossus and Nyota are in the waiting room. Hmmm?

They look like they might be anticipating some news.

Dr. Martha's office is really nice. She furnished it with prints from her favorite artists, Georgia O'Keeffe and Matisse. She also loves the Fauve quality of the flower painting near her desk.

Looks like she's got a lot of patients to see, as well.

A huge thanks to my new German miniature friend, Monika, for most of the wonderful stuff in this post. We did an exchange for the CB2 chairs and all this great stuff is what she sent me. Here's what's from Monika:
Modella red chairs (there were so's office was my first thought), the two fabulous chests, telephone, plants, shell displays, and light fixture. The office is the Ikea Lekman box again. The book is from Oese. I made the room divider/planter from Legos and some weird plastic thing I took out of the garbage at work. That's moss in there. Desk is Plan Toys. Computer is Barbie and Playmobil. Files and holder are re-ment. All action figures have been named in prior posts except for the little girl who is from a work friend, Maria, who gave me a lot of toys she said she was tired of picking up off the floor.


  1. I like this waiting room- makes every one get better

  2. Thanks Neomi; it was fun putting this together.
    Stay happy...winter is almost over.