Monday, March 5, 2012

Es Ist Mir Wurst or In Der Not, Schmeckt Das Fleisch Auch Ohne Brot

My husband suggested that I should just make a cool, modern scene as my next project. Of course, I could not resist adding a bit of goofiness (and much loved German I have heard since I was a child) and all the beautiful Wurst from my friend Monika.  So here we have modern coolness with sausage.

The translation of the title is: "It does not matter to me" and "When necessary, meat also tastes good without bread."

Credits: Room is a wine box. Sofa and coffee table are Bozart Kaleidoscope House. Sideboard (now one of my favorite pieces) is from Monika as are the shells on stands and the sausages. Chairs are from Oese (also my favorites) as are the books. Flooring is a placemat. Wallcovering is scrapbook paper. Mirror is from local consignment shop. Empty frame is scrapbooking item. Other frame is a beading item. Plant is from my nephew, Nicholas. Buddha is from our local Tibetan store. Trays are vintage German from my childhood. I made the pillow. Sidetable is two blocks from The Scrap Box, a local source for discards from businesses and factories around Ann Arbor.


  1. Hallo Doris,
    Du bist ein "Verrücktes Huhn". Ich mußte sehr lachen! Sehr cool!
    Bleib so Monika

  2. Haha, die Wurst sieht echt toll aus in dieser Szene. Etwas surreal, oder? Aber klasse!
    Ich mag besonders die Muscheln auf dem Draht - Monika ist so geschickt mit den kleinsten Sachen. Ich habe auch viel von ihr geschenkt bekommen, auch unendlich viel Wurst!!!
    Die Szene mag ich sehr! Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

  3. Hello
    love this scene , the color sceme and of course the food!

  4. Sausages?!? Too funny. I love the pillow, great fabric. Very nice room put together with lovely gifts. Meat and Modern, how can you go wrong? :P

  5. Hi Monika, Oese, Neomi, and MiniD, Thanks so much you all. Yes, I probably am a Verruecktes Huhn, but I could not resist pairing something wacky with something cool....that's what you get with me.

  6. Hello from your newest follower.
    I like very much your blog!
    A hug