Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Enjoy Being A Girl

Sometimes being 13 is not all that great. But, with a retreat like this one in your favorite colors with cool furniture and your friends (alive and pretend) to keep you company, things could be worse.

Credits: Furniture is Plan Toys bunk bed painted white; Modella chest (one of my new favorites) and bubble chair (clever Monika uses a craft ball for these...they are usually very expensive!) from my friend, Monika; AG Minis desk, chair, and side table; CB2 ornament chair. Bedding and pillows are made by me. Accessories are Barbie; teenager and backpack from my work friend, Maria; erasers; cute characters, plant, and shoe from my friend Neomi; AG Minis; books and drink container from my friend, Oese; bulletin board from Michaels; re-ment; spray bottle lid, and Disney. Garfield is from my son's old toys...Garfield was one of his favorite comics/cartoons when he was little.

Funny, this is a scene that took me longer than any other I have ever done. I had to find all those pics to put up on the bulletin board. I remember what being 13 is like...though it was a loooonnng time ago. I had to make the silly pushpins by cutting pins and gluing on a bead...beastly, messy job. Tried to make the comforters look both downy and still hang right...lots of try and fail. I would have loved a room like this, especially the cool chairs.


  1. Hallo Doris,
    das Zimmer sieht ja noch richtig schön ordentlich aus. Es gefällt mir gut.
    Hi Doris,
    the room looks really nice out still tidy(Google translation).
    Liebe Grüße von Monika

  2. That was realistic, and very beautiful toys. It fit in a child's hand.

  3. Thanks Monika and Playmobil Adventure,
    I appreciate the compliments. It was lots of fun channeling my inner teen.
    Es wuerde vies spass meiner inner Teenager zu andenken.