Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bar None

Colossus and Nick came over to help Stephen put his new bar together. He got it a new joint venture by Lego and Ikea...what was the name of it?  Legokea or Ikeago...he can't remember. Some clever person realized that some people never outgrow Legos. So they made some great big blocks and they fit together to make furniture. You will notice that the floor has been covered in wood from an old barn someone tore down. Stephen decided to keep the walls white as he just could not decide what wallcovering was best.

Stephen and Nick work on the cabinet.

The finished cabinet. Some storage and a great place for ice. Even a little shovel to get it out with.

Colossus works on the stools.

Nice job Colossus. Not quite sure why Ikeago thought the bumps on the chairs were a good idea.

And the bar is perfect. 

It even has that little bar near the bottom to rest your feet on.

Colossus brought a Man Cave warming present, a bottle of his favorite hot sauce.

When Sulu comes over, he brings a sink cabinet. It may be a bit small, but now Stephen doesn't have to go upstairs to wash glasses.

Nick brought some enormous Scrabble tiles to spell BAR (5 points) and Doctor Who brought a cool beer poster from Hawaii.
Now, if Sulu doesn't fall off his chair, they should have a fun evening.

Bar, cabinet, and stools are all from my son's Lego collection. I spent the whole day coming up with the designs. Barnwood flooring is scrapbook paper. Beers and pop are re-ment. Lantern and beer coaster are gifts from my sister's family. Action figures are:
Colossus, one of the X-Men
From the BBC show "Primeval:"  Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart
From "Star Trek:"  Sulu
From the BBC show "Doctor Who:"  Doctor Who, the David Tennant version.


  1. Oh these are amazing! you are definitely the best interior designer for miniatures that I have ever been related to!! Thanks again for the help on my project! Good soul searching!

  2. What a job! I adore this bar and your skill and patience!

  3. Hi Neomi,
    Why, thanks! Legos just bring me back to a time when my son and I used to put things together out of our imagination.
    As for patience, I took a day off work as I had spent both weekend days there the prior week and just needed to sit down and do what I wanted to do!
    Happy week.

  4. Hi Nicholas,
    Glad to help on your project. Thanks for the compliment!
    Love you,
    Your Aunty Hunky Dory