Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Peaceful Reading Nook

Nick Cutter has a wonderful new reading nook. It's sunny in the daytime and light pours in during the early evening. Nice place for a book and a little coffee. Serenity.

Chair is Reac. Side table is re-ment. Shelf is Bodo Hennig. Flooring is a banana leaf which was under my wonderful meal at Frita Batidos. Accessories are Barbie, AG Minis, craft store finds, shells, ebay finds, and things I got at The Scrap Box.  Buddha is gift from my family. Dr. Nick Cutter is from the BBC series "Primeval."


  1. It's very nice to have a place like this. Sometimes I miss it in my one-room-appartement. Very sweet fotos, go on like this!
    Grüße aus Deutschland, bis bald!