Friday, October 4, 2013


MJ's host has been very busy at work lately at the local cab company. She's heard that MJ is an Excel whiz. So she set up a little workspace for her in an empty room at work. Looks like MJ is "big" enough for the task.

Billie is trying to explain why on earth she would ask MJ to help her when this is MJ's vacation. Not sure MJ is all that excited.

However, Billie knows that she can ply her with goodies and coffee.

So, MJ gets busy because she is cool and helpful.

Tomorrow it's off to the local Saturday Kiwanis Thrift Sale, an Ann Arbor institution. And...maybe some treats and watching the passing scene at the coffee shop. Tomorrow night the long awaited Halloween Party.


  1. that's nice, to see Mj envolved in your life! quite exciting to do such a job...hope she sent the right people to the right places!!! :)

  2. Tell MJ not too much candy...we want her to be able to fit in her box!