Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Evenin' in A2

MJ is taking an evening walk along the Huron River which runs very near her host's home. She bought some new boots just in case it was muddy in the woods of the Argo Nature Area. She has learned that Ann Arbor, or A2 as the townies call it, has 157 city parks covering 2,094.54 acres. These woods are only about 7 blocks from downtown.

Hmmm, maybe she'll follow that young man.

My what big rocks they have in A2!

Railroad bridge.

There's a canoe livery here and downstream at Gallup Park.

And, of course, in A2 they have to artify everything including old canoes.

MJ enjoys listening to a group playing Cajun music at the Canoe Livery shelter.

Nature can make you feel small sometimes.

The Argo Cascades are fairly new. There are several pools with small rapids between them that bring the river down from Argo Pond which is behind a dam to the lower river level below the dam. It's fun to go down the rapids and it's a popular new place for people to have some fun on the river.

View up the Cascades.

Nice to see nature so close to town.

This deer is in the former parking lot of a utility company brownfield right by the river that is undergoing cleanup.

Hey, MJ! careful up on that bridge. Other hostesses are waiting for you.

Full disclosure...that young man is my son. This was a lovely evening walk for the whole family...which now includes MJ...for awhile.


  1. That was great! Felt like I was right there with you all!

  2. Beautiful place! So cool to see nature so close to you.

  3. Hallo liebe Doris,
    bei Euch ist es schön. Ich liebe es wenn Du spielst.
    Grüße von Monika

  4. I love the nature and that it is so close to town!