Saturday, July 30, 2011

Small Mall Rats

The whole gang has gone to the mall together. Some may say it's just throwing money around. And, look, someone did. Hey, all the clothes are already gone!

Rosie tries out some makeup and perfume. Sulu approves.

Nick can't believe that someone would actually want to wear shoes like this. The women he knows certainly don't.

Uhura has found a purse big enough for all her stuff and Colossus is givin' up the money.

Dr. Martha checks out the purses.

AND Stephen and Dr. Martha are still canoodling...right there in the mall. PDA

I found the Barbie Fashion Show Mall (well, most of it) at the Saturday morning Kiwanis sale.  It was a steal for two dollars and in good shape except for the missing bits of the mall structure...ok by me. It originally came with a cafe, beauty shop (I thought of Petra and her Friseursalonen when I saw this), an elevator, a shoe store, makeup store and clothing store. The only part of the structure I got is the clothing and shoe display stuff. Everything is from the set except the table, chair, and lamps are AG Minis. See earlier blogs for info on the mall rats.

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