Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4th Party

Rosie is hosting a party at her place. 

She's got something for everyone...sushi, hotdogs,
hamburgers, fruit and...slices of bread?? 

Uhura checks out the offerings.

The gang's all here. Sulu sits on the floor...because he CAN.

Buffet is plastic holder for makeup stood up on end. I can see it as a desk or store fixture. Lots of ideas for future use. Table, chairs, sofa, wood food trays, and flowers in corner are all vintage 50's German from my childhood. Cabinet in corner is Concord from my laudramat friend, Connie. Rug is a coaster from my friend, Marsha. Wall decor and silver box are from Michaels and Scrap Box. Mirror is from Treasure Mart. Sushi, chopsticks and cat are Iwako erasers. Hotdogs, hamburgers, fruit, coke, and bread are from my childhood. Drinks and dishes are Barbie. Wallpaper is scrapbook paper...what would miniaturists do without that? Things in small shelves in buffet are Barbie and a bead. The Buddha is a birthday present from my two men.

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