Monday, July 11, 2011

Dr. Martha's Bedroom

Dr. Martha's bedroom is taking shape. Looks like Uhura and Colossus may have lent her the bed and bedding or she just went to the same store. She has some more decorating to do, but it has been a busy day and she's getting ready for bed. She wants to read up on dogs. And, being Dr. Martha, she is going to take good notes on her reading. Rascal is looking like he needs a little loving.

Dr. Martha's bedroom is the Ikea Lekman box. Bed is Lego. Dog, notebook, book, desk, lamp and chair are AG Minis. Fern is from Michaels. Plant pot is second hand store find. I made the pillows and comforter. I should really make Dr. Martha a comforter of her own. I'm making a robe this week and maybe she can have a cool new comforter made with that fabric. It may well have a good drape to it. Pillows got more used looking when I washed them. Not sure whether I like them crisp or not. Dr. Martha is from the BBC show "Dr. Who."  


  1. Fun! I do mini stories too! So glad I found your blog today! :-)

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for the sweet words. I checked out your soft toys...wonderful. Great work.
    Hunky Dory