Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dr. Martha's Favorite Internet Cafe

Dr. Martha likes to surf the internet (unlike Uhura, who likes to surf with the Silver Surfer) and drink great coffee at Frita Batidos Cafe.

The real Frita Batidos is a very cool new restaurant here in town. It has Cuban influenced sandwiches and batidos, Cuban drinks.  Great flavors...but, not really a coffee drinking place. Hey, this is blogging...verisimilitude not required! I snagged one of their business cards at the annual Top of The Park summer festival.  I like the graphics. The tables, chair, and lamp are AG Minis..the new little table Martha is using is this week's gift from my laundromat friend, Connie. I am so worried that she has bought a room and is giving it to me in bits and pieces every week. And...she WILL NOT tell me her source. Dang! Ikea Lekman box is the wall. Coffee cup is Barbie. Wallet that you can't really see is re-ment. And, of course, our Dr. Martha is from the BBC show Dr. Who. We are getting the vids from Netflix soon so I can finally see who she is. I'll let you know if she's a cool character.

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