Friday, July 22, 2011

Sicilian Anomaly

After wrestling with Allosaurus, the black and white dino of drawer fame, and the rascal, Minkey, the "Gang of  Four" need to relax and review the goin's on. They transport through an anomaly to a "small, quirky taverna in Sicily" run by the local twins for drinks, cheese, and bread.

Nick looks like he's scanning the sky for another anomaly.

The idea for the "quirky taverna" comes from my very favorite British telly show, "Black Books."  The "Gang of Four" reference was just too funny to not do. Sicily is represented by a calendar picture of Greece...remember verisimilitude is not required in blogs. Furniture is Plan Toys. Most food is a big bunch of re-ment food items I just got from them! Dishes are Barbie and my siblings' childhood. Action figures are Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Primeval. You simply cannot sit them down properly so they always look kinda funny. They look a lot like they are sliding off the chairs. My son said they don't look like they are talking to each other at all. Just a limitation of the material...gotta live with it or make it funny.

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