Friday, July 15, 2011

Rosie's "Bright Idea" Study

Rosie's study is the perfect place to get great ideas. It's comfy and full of inspiring things like Buddha, Rascal the pup, books (well, she thinks she may need to get more of these as she seems to be lacking in this department), photos of her favorite actress, and soothing background music.

Her favorite reminder to get great ideas is the light bulb and, being a "green" girl, she has the CFL version.

Room is an Ikea Lekman box. Shelves are 70s Bodo Hennig. Desk and coffee table are Plan Toys; desk chair is Hello Dolly . Couch and chair are 50s vintage German from my childhood. Lamps and notebook are AG minis. Items on shelves are Barbie (love the formerly pink Barbie frame for the Katherine Hepburn photo...I spray painted it pebbly silver), erasers, craft store finds, Uhura Star Trek action figure accessories, re-ment, gift Buddha from my family, and vintage record player from my childhood. Plant is Barbie; pen is re-ment. Desk items are Barbie computer and cellphone and re-ment pencil caddy, pens, and scissors. "The Winter's Tale" poster is the hang tag from this year's Shakespeare in the Arb which I always try to attend. The small pic over the desk is a craft store frame with a picture of a Motawi tile (Motawi is a wonderful local tile factory). Rosie is Rose Tyler from the BBC show, Dr. Who.

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