Monday, August 1, 2011


Colossus and Uhura doin' the weekly grocery thing.

Uhura checks to see if they are staying within their budget. Was the wine too expensive?


Aha, what goes on here?  Minkey is in a highchair? Hmmmm!

Food and grocery bags: re-ment and vintage. Wallet, basket: re-ment. Kitchen shelf/counter is makeup storage container. Table and refrigerator: vintage. High chair is from my Kiwanis score a few weeks ago. Flooring and wallpaper are scrapbook papers. Wood cabinet is Concord. Little car is from my husband's collection. Frame is scrapbooking frame. Dishes, kitchen implements: Barbie. Decor is from Michaels. Chopstick, "leaf bag" and implement holder: erasers. Pots and pans: vintage from siblings' childhood. Stove and sink are Lego.

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